Why Consider Local Investments

Why Consider Local Investments

There are many reasons not to invest in Wall Street, either through public stocks, fixed interest securities or public investment funds managed and brokered by Wall Street. In recent years, Wall Street has failed to deliver promised returns to investors due to investment markets being adversely affected by a range of economic and geo-political events that have undermined investor confidence and highlighted the flaws of the Wall Street investment model.

This saw a significant loss in investor confidence leading to a massive sell down in equity markets and ongoing investment market volatility. In return, many investors have lost large portions of their wealth and confidence in Wall Street managed and manufactured investments.

This loss in confidence can also be attributed to a number of behavioral and structural reasons for not investing in Wall Street:

  • Commission based brokerage plans that work to Wall Street’s advantage by maximizing commission and trading brokerage on your investments.
  • Well-crafted marketing and sales systems used to sell poorly structured investments.
  • Non-transparent fee structures and portfolio management practices that maximize fees.
  • The with-holding of timely and informative investment data from retail investors until it is no longer of any use.

By investing outside of Wall Street you are able to access investments that are not commonly available to other investors, which will give you benefits of:Portfolio diversification leading to reduced risk and greater reward.

Greater investment transparency as your investment is managed by a small dedicated team that is personally responsible for your investment.

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